Shingles, also known as herpes zoster, gives a characteristic burning sensation like that of a burning ember and is an infectious disease linked to the chicken pox and caused by the herpes zoster virus.


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Zona D + 15 after a session, valued at 4/10 pain


The symptoms of a shingles infection are:

-moderate to strong pain similar to a burn with a stabbing sensation;
-the affected area is limited to one side of the body, either at the front or back of the body and on the right hand or left hand side;
-three small red pinhead sized dots form a triangle around the epicenter of the pain;
-hypersensitivity in the affected area;
-exceptional tiredness.

Outbreaks of shingles are most frequently located around the ribs or the eyes, but it can occur anywhere.


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Zona D + 15 after a treatment, valued at 4/10 pain


Time is a crucial factor in treating shingles

More and more people are turning to healers to treat the symptoms of a shingles outbreak, which can typically last for anywhere between three months and three years, but may extend up to 30 years in extreme cases. You should be aware that time is a crucial factor in the treatment of shingles; an outbreak that is treated by a healer on the day it appears will disappear that same day, and within a week if it is treated within 5 days of the initial outbreak.

It is therefore vital to be aware that every day counts in dealing with this illness and that you should never wait until shingles has taken hold (with the appearance of blisters) before seeking treatment.

Whereas a general medical practitioner will rarely see shingles, a healer tends to treat the condition quite frequently, perhaps four or five successful cases each week, depending on the time of year.

If there is any doubt, the correct initial response is to consult a doctor for a precise diagnosis as soon as the first symptoms appear. The next step must be to contact a healer without delay.
That is the course of action followed by most patients who recover without any problems. Too many patients are unaware of the effectiveness of healers in treating this condition, and others prefer to treat shingles with chemical medicines rather than with magnetism, therefore suffering long-term effects that can lead to disability in a limb or facial paralysis.

If you suffer from the long-term effects of shingles, don't hesitate to contact your healer, who can often rid you of them in just a few sessions. Remember that, if you are faced with this affliction, time is of the essence!

Timescales that apply to healers in treating SHINGLES:


 If shingles is treated on the day it appears, it disappears within 1 day. 

If it is treated within three days, it will disappear within three more days.
If it is treated within five days, it will disappear within a week.
Beyond five days, shingles has taken root and the patient will experience unnecessary pain and suffering.
If it is treated within three weeks, it will disappear within three more weeks.
If it is treated within three months, it will take three months to disappear.
If it is treated within 3 years, it can take three more years to disappear.
After 30 years...

The application of essential oils remains one of the most effective methods to relieve the patient's symptoms during the outbreak and in dealing with long-term effects.

Look the video treatment of Shingles.