Maybe you're looking to consult with a healer for the first time; perhaps this visit is a giant leap into the unknown for you.
Whatever drives you to take that first step, whether it's a chronic health problem or a simple desire to see for yourself what alternative medicine means in practice, you are welcome here.

Be aware however that here, as elsewhere, healing and relief from suffering don't come about at the stroke of a magic wand!" Even though patients frequently recover their health relatively quickly, other patients may find that recovery only comes as a reward for their patience and willpower and through the trust that they place in themselves and in their therapist.


After the first treatment session, whether it involves magnetism, bone-setting, nutrition, detoxification*, revitalization therapy, reflexology or something else, your body will react organically. These initial reactions to the healer's treatment may sometimes reveal themselves quite forcefully and in unexpected situations (the so-called beneficial crisis). Such reactions may occur on the day of treatment, the day after or even several days later. Overwhelming tiredness, for instance, often reveals the enduring presence of a health problem within the body that the healer's treatments need to overcome. A defeatist state of mind may take hold until the patient's natural vitality regains the upper hand.


Still other effects may appear don't let them worry you. For instance a cold**, a migraine, an allergy, dizziness or other symptoms often manifest themselves in the patient following a consultation. These are healthy, normal reactions and do not require recourse to strong medicine or antibiotics. In most cases, your body will recover its energy over the course of a few days, weeks or even months, once it has had the chance to rid itself of impurities.


Patients may also experience a form of deprogramming after several worthwhile sessions that lead to an overall improvement, and as such may suffer a recurrence of old physical illnesses that they had previously overcome. Don't be put off: these are the proof that the treatment is working, awakening ancient sicknesses so that they can be put to rest once and for all.


The healer's advice on a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet are vital if the patient is to recover perfect health. The healer's efforts help the sick body to react in order to heal itself. A complete return to health will require a treatment to be followed, and repeated, perhaps over the course of several weeks.


Other treatments and therapies may be followed in parallel, without cancelling each other out or any major disadvantages. Every patient is unique however and must follow the path that is right for him or herself. Turning to the services of a healer must however mean that any ongoing, official medical treatment is either abandoned or modified.

Scientific medicine, provided by doctors, and the traditional folk medicine that healers provide, are not in opposition to one another: instead, they work best in combination with one another.


Thank you for your attention. I promise you all my heart, all my faith and all my energy to ease your pain and, if possible, to heal you.

*Of the excretory organs
**A runny nose is considered a natural process of cleansing and regeneration that works in parallel with the liver.


Christophe Limayrac

Healer & Bone-setter