Bone-setters, bone-breakers, chiropractors or bone-dressers.

The first bone-setters were those who set bones end-to-end. They healed by touching, massaging and rubbing. They dealt mainly with sprains, dislocations of all the bones in the body, from head to toe. As with healers, they fit into the long-established traditions of rural folk medicine.

Bone-setters must not be confused with magnetizers, who make use of a particular force - magnetism - in order to treat physical illnesses from rheumatism to eczema, including migraines, burns and warts. However, magnetizers may also be expert bone-setters, in which case they may describe themselves as magnetizer-bone-setters or healer-bone-setters, with the emphasis on their particular strength.

Bone-setters are also not physiotherapists, osteopaths or chiropractors, who have completed studies that result in recognized diplomas. The techniques that they use, however similar to those of the bone-setters they may seem to the uninitiated, are all distinct from the bone-setter's repertoire.

While bone-setting may be a gift, it is nevertheless an art that one can learn from more experienced practitioners.




Christophe Limayrac

Healer & Bone-setter