Property salt

 Salt is produced by two major sources: the soil and sea salt from the soil is mined from large quarries.. This is the rock salt. Evaporated salt is then crystallized to be safe for consumption. The other major source of salt is the sea. The sea is salty because of the continual flow transported by rivers flowing into the ocean minerals. Sea salt is obtained mainly by évaporation.Les natural properties of salt have at all times a powerful purifier and conservative grâceaux pure molecules that compose it: chlorine and sodium. Historically, men use salt for preserving perishables, and purify their environment.


Salt and Humanity

Salt is used in a mystical way in the early days of mankind. The Bible refers to many passages. Andre Chouraqui in his book "The daily life of the men of the Bible," says: "The covenant with his people by YAHWEH is a covenant of salt. "


Salt Magic

In magic, salt remains a powerful purifier for protecting banish devote.

Protection against the negative waves:
Take the big sea salt, and every first Friday of the month, put salt on a plate and form a triangle (about 1 cm thick) and then say a prayer asking his angel to protect us and away the negative vibes while you sleep! Then place the dish under the bed The first Friday of next month, throw salt in a river or stream.

Purification Aura:
Take a bath in which you poured salt devoted allow you to clear your aura and your body of all evil influences that you stored.

Habitat protection:
To protect the house, put salt to the 4 cardinal points, including openings such as windows and doors.

Personal Protection:

To protect yourself, you can wear on you a bag of salt you'll take dedicated and will replace daily; but watch his energy puts you at the ground and not left it vulnerable to psychic work, or astral travel !!

There are a multitude of rituals using Salt, to bar the way to your enemies, prohibit your home to thieves, prevent natural disasters, clean a house, find true love, win a case, grow a business, .. .

For more information about "The rituals of magic salt", there are many books, including "The 60 secrets rituals of magic salt" Charles Lebonhaume, I invite you to consult.

Christophe Limayrac

Healer / Bone setter